Household membership suggested dues $15/year and is voluntary.
($50 business)

Thank you neighbor!
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Dear Resident,

you love your neighborhood? We do!

     Here' s your chance to help us make the South Hilltop Neighborhood even better. We are your home­ owner's association (SHNA) and we need your help.

     Established in the 1960's, our neighborhood includes a total of about 434 homes. The SHNA's pur­pose is to bring together residents in a coalition to represent the interests of our neighborhood and to collectively address issues of common interest. In addition, we provide information to our neighbor­hood concerning events and happenings that most involve us. We are dedicated to serving our residents and are proud of the work we have accomplished for you.

     This year, we have tackled such issues as standardizing neighborhood communications (Nextdoor South Hilltop), the creation of a comprehensive South Hilltop website, crime in our neighborhood , traffic violations in and around our streets, installation of neighborhood identifacation signs (see sign on application form) and various zoning requests from local businesses, residents and developers.

     As our neighborhood changes, we are committed to helping form a community that we all can take part in and be proud of. Please help us continue to do this work by paying your $15/ year gift-dues and, more importantly, getting involved in your neighborhood by attending our meetings and social activities.


South Hilltop Neighborhood