What The SHNA Did For You
Improved inter-neighbor communication and awareness via NextdoorSouthhilltop.org

Improved and updated area stop, school
and speed signage

Improved Police and Code Enforcement

4 Way stop signs at S. Jersey & E. Dakota Ave.

New School Crossing Lights on South Holly St.

New trees planted in median on our
S. Monaco border

New Alley and Street Lights

Paved Alleys and Streets

Improved Firetruck Routing and Noise level

Installation of South Hilltop Identity Signs

Street Corner Sidewalks Access Slopes

Approval of Undergrounding Utility Lines on
the Northside and Southside of E. Dakota Ave. from
S.Hudson St. to S. Jasmine St.

Gaining reduction of a new Xcel communication
tower from 125 feet to 80 feet

New water drainage on
E. Dakota Ave. several alleys

PLUS… helping residents  work through 
many situations with the City of Denver.

           Only our leaders pushing for these made them happen!!

     I know that you appreciate your interests being promoted. That is why our association should exist. To represent our needs and to fight if needed to gain what we all reasonably are entitled to as property tax payers.

     Please be involved with us as a team member sharing the responsibility to improve and protect our homes and life style
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